Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?

In the world of swimwear, small is often beautiful, but for designer/actress Jessica Rey, bigger is better. Her motto is: “Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?” Inspired by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, Jessica hopes to capture Audrey's sense of style, grace, class, and fun. She has seamlessly sewn together contemporary fashion with vintage glamor. Established in May 2008, Rey Swimwear has international presence in over 19 countries and is rapidly growing thanks to YOU! 

Rey Swimwear only works with partners who share our values and believe in ethical production. Our manufacturers have rigorous compliance standards against which they’re constantly assessed. They’re responsible for upholding production and sourcing practices across areas such as human rights, health/safety, and fair wages, thus respecting the dignity of all people.

Happy shopping!

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